Five stops

Five stops

Novella | Metaixmio Publications | 2020

Tasoula had all her paths ahead open, but Theophilos cut them off with his love. Still, she found other ways: she studied, she worked, she raised two wonderful children. In essence, she was on her own. Theophilos was always absent in the important moments and inhumane towards everyone. Was it his terrible secret that was to blame?

Tasoula went through the turmoil of her sufferings, but remained standing. She moved ahead with courage and persistence, but in constant anxiety over “what people would say”. She could have had a better life, but it was denied her.

Makis Tsitas gives us the monologue of a woman from the provinces who lived for thirty years in Thessaloniki, moving safely along a bus route that consisted of five stops between home, work and back home again. It is a story presented with empathy and love for the countless women who have lived and still live with a sacred sense of duty, consciously paying whatever cost.