Φόραγε κίτρινο σκουφί

Wearing a Yellow Beret

Participation with 2 songs | MLK | 2017

Fifteen songs, with music composed by Tatiana Zografou, carry us away – this time in her yellow Citroën 2CV – to places with strange fairy tales, odd myths and silver moons.

The lyrics were written by Marianna Avouri, Filia Dendrinou, Tatiana Zografou, Ioulieta Iliopoulou, Veatriki Kantzola Smpatakou, Elissavet Tari, Stella Tziva, and Makis Tsitas.

Dimitris Bouzakis orchestrated the songs and the album was edited by Nikos Platirachos. The choirs of the Arsakeia-Tositeia Schools also participated in the recording, under the direction of Christina Varsami Koukni.

The songs contained in this album are sung by Dimitris Zervoudakis, Lavrentis Machairitsas, Giorgos Ntalaras, Alkistis Protopsalti, Aspasia Stratigou, Nefeli Fasouli, and alongside the lyrical singers Dimitris Alexandritis, Tasos Apostolou, Christina Giannakopoulou, Kostas Zampounis, Thomas Masouras, Daphne Panourgia, Elena Papanikolaou, and Kostis Rasidakis.

Tatiana Zografou said: “This year I turned 45. For how much longer will I be able to write songs for children? For, as you know, it takes a lot of courage as one gets older to insist on staying close to young children. Of course, I do not even know if I manage to do so at all. In any case, however, I’m still trying. Fortunately, I have my children and the children at my school, the ones to whom I teach music, all of which definitely helps. I also have my musicians. They get older too, but we grow old together. Together. Always with love! The singers that believe in and support my work in the field of children’s music help as well. I thank them for that. All of them! I thank the amazing singers, lyrical or not, that enlighten, through their performances, the entire repertoire of Greek music. Well known or not, they all practice their art in the most precious manner. And, of course, I am also thankful to my lyricists who through their poems fill both my mind and my records with images and colors. However, it does take me a year or so to create a CD now, to record it, that is. You see, everything moves more slowly… But why should that matter? We are together now once again with 16 songs about fairy tales, myths, and moons. Flying, as always, over the city with my yellow hat, because it’s sunny and we are holding the hands of Little Red Riding Hood, the Witch Efterpi, and Jack who’s in love. Off we go! Fairy tales fuse into one another. Let’s go look for the truth together. And if we get tired, we can take a nap in the arms of the moon, there under the starry summer sky. And then, along with Alexandros, Leoni and Ariadne, we will hop together into the yellow 2CV of KEX, and we will fly again, singing once more!”

The cover image of the Citroën 2CV was created by painter Christos Kechagioglou.