The Little Red One

The little red one

Kastor Publications | 2006 | Illustrations: Daniela Stamatiadi


Little Red loves red, which is why he wants it everywhere: on his clothes, in his food and in the color of his toys… Even his imaginary friend is a little Indian called Red Deer.

This is a brilliant book about the imagination of children, which paints life with its own colors.

The text is spare, playful, and humorous. It focuses on simple everyday instances that are constantly overturned by childish imagination and desire and where the quiet prose serves as a counterpoint to the intensity of the illustrations. Through deduction, insinuation and dialectic, and by avoiding unnecessary ornamental elements, the text creates its own internal, poetic space.

The illustrations, realistic with an element of the fantastic, are dominated by the color red. The sharp lines and diverse points of view create motion, action and intensity within the compositions, bringing them a step closer to absolute harmony with the explosive qualities of a child’s imagination, but also with the stimulating effects of the color red.