God Is My Witness

God is my witness

Novel | New edition | Metaixmio Publications | 2020

The narrator of the story – a typical anti-hero of our times, a simple man whose only desire is to live his life with dignity but who finds himself in his fifties without a job and in failing health – discloses the woes inflicted upon him from early childhood as he confronts the harsh realities he faces. Everyone – the women he meets, his employers, even his own family – betray him, while all around him is the image of a society which, despite its superficial prosperity, is fast sinking into decay. Through his torrential monologue, the reader witnesses his struggle to persevere; armed with humor, imagination, and a unique verbal euphoria, he creates bit by bit his own universe.

Balancing between the comic and the dramatic, between the vital lie and the truth, Makis Tsitas’s hero acquires the universal symbolism of a man who, due to his naivety, is confronted with hostility and cynicism from every direction. At the same time, with his almost childish innocence, he becomes a mirror for reflecting the grotesque image of that selfsame society that has expelled him from its womb.

European Union Prize for Literature 2014

Short-listed for the National Prize for Literature
Short-listed for Best Novel in the (De)kata Magazine Athens Prize for Literature awards
Short-listed for Best Novel in the e-journal O Anagnostis (The Reader)
Short-listed for Best Prose Writing by Klepsidra Magazine

For his novel God Is My Witness, Makis Tsitas has been honored by:
The Municipality of Pella
The Municipality of Athens
The Municipality of Edessa
The Region of Central Macedonia
The Central Public Library of Edessa

Published in English, Greek, Polish, Hungarian, Serbian, Slovenian, Georgian, Croatian, Bulgarian, Slav-Macedonian, Albanian, Romanian.

Brought to the stage under the direction of Sophia Karagianni and starring Iosif Iosifidis. It had been played for five years in Athens and across Greece.