Unexpected Fairytales

Unexpected Fairytales

Efimerida ton Syntakton & Hellenic Authors’ Society | 2017

Unexpected Fairy Tales, is a collection of works by novelists and poets, all members of the Hellenic Authors’ Society (HAS), and are dedicated to the memory of former Society President Errikos Belie – a translator and poet par excellence – who met an untimely death last year.

As one can perhaps imagine from the title of this collection, the texts included are not the well-known fairy tales of tradition, but fairy tales that… will surprise the readers as much as the authors who conceived them. As Society President Giorgos Chouliaras humorously remarks in his foreword: “the indefinable border that separates contemporary fairy tales from ancient myths could be described as the fairy tale line.”

Society General Secretary Angeliki Stratigopoulou adds in her introduction that: “the horror stories of the book which you hold in your hands… do not suffer – fortunately – from uniformity. They are written with originality and, most of all, with conviviality and appeal to children and adults alike.” Further, “the members of HAS who participated in this collected volume, are not necessarily experts on children’s books. The spectrum of these fairy tales […] ranges from tradition to didacticism, with several stops in between that include the irrational, the metaphysical, the postmodern, the poetic, and the historical worlds.”