Summer loves

Kastaniotis Publications | 2021

Through you





How do writers conceive of love and the summer? Is it only something which is set down or is it something beyond words, something that leads to the soul?

Do we love the other or a figment of our imagination? If the creature we love is a mirror of our self, what happens when the reflections are written down? How are they noted, since in writing the object of desire is not a living, corporate creature, but only words?

In this collection, 49 writers confront the dual theme as a launching pad for texts that are historical, experiential, surrealistic, psychoanalytical, theatrical but also political, each in their own unique way. Their stories resemble the open windows of the same house, which encompasses the entirety of Greek reality. They exude tenderness, nostalgia, longing, bitterness, agony, innocence, pain, joy, loneliness, hope and countless other emotions. An invisible thread connects the words, granting us an impressive panorama where love and the summer bring together memories that attract us and redeem us.