Poetry Calendar 2018

Poetry Calendar 2018

Iolkos Publications | 2018

Faithful to tradition and the demands of its readership, the latest annual Poetry Calendar has been published, marking its twenty-third year in a row. The excerpts and content have been edited by Giannis Koridis and the calendar illustrated with sketches by Vasilis Georgiou.

Each day (represented by a page in the calendar) contains a poem representative of its season. The excerpts span from antiquity to the contemporary, and the entries range from Archilochus to Dionysios Solomos, and from C.P. Cavafy to Titus Patricius. It contains anniversary poems, as well as poems for everyday reading.

The Poetry Calendar is a fresh anthology of poetry, published annually. The poems are never repeated, while the anthology includes both classical poets and also contemporary ones who represent the evolution of Greek poetry.