Oh! Love.... Calendar 2020

Vergina Publications | 2019

Αχ! Έρωτα... Ημερολόγιο 2020





The Calendar 2020 – an anthology of poems entitled “Oh! Love” -- has been distributed every year beginning in 2012, with the exception of 2019.

It is a wonderful gift for the holidays and enables the friends of poetry to get to know new poets.

There is a poem for each day of the year, making it an archive of mainly contemporary poets and enabling the researcher-critics of the future to evaluate and provide material.

The poems are chosen by Panagiota Christopoulou-Zaloni, the poet and publisher of the Literary Journal KELAINO, and a committee from Vergina Books & Publications.

What makes it unique is that, rather than paying to appear in the anthology, the authors are selected by a committee that evaluates the poems based on criteria and taking into consideration all types of poetry (traditional, rhymed, disciplined and free verse).