Bridges, Calendar 2015

Bridges, Calendar 2015

Patakis Publications & Hellenic Authors’ Society | 2015

“For 22 years now, the Hellenic Authors’ Society (HAS) has published topic-specific calendars with the support of many publishing houses. This year HAS builds bridges through the craftsmanship of 80 of its members, who contributed to this publication with either published or (for the most part) unpublished poems and texts, as well as through the photos of prominent photographer Andreas Smaragdis, most of which were captured exclusively for this publication.

“We use the symbol of a bridge to highlight the process of bringing together, as a kind of architecture for reconciliation or crossing, as a ceremony of union between two sides.

“We have the bridge as technology, as literature, and as alphabet, as memory and as expectation, as a closure of the gap and as an upcoming step.

“We begin with the Bridge of Arta and move towards the Charilaos Trikoupis Bridge that links Central Greece to the Peloponnese, walking on the stretched wire ropes of language.”

--Dimitris Kalokiris, President of the Hellenic Authors’ Society, in the foreword.

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