Cine-Theatre Six to Twelve


Cine-Theatre Six to Twelve

The Railway Carriage Theatre at Rouf | 2021

Theatre and cinema coexist in this hybrid artistic work “Six to Twelve”, which was inspired and directed by Tatiana Lygari and is being shown on demand at viva.gr.

This new initiative proposed to combine modern Greek theatre, the original “stage” of a train carriage with compartments, film and the internet.

The well-known actress and director invited six Greek novelists and playwrights to compose 12 new short plays, that would derive their inspiration mainly from the innovative non-stage of the 12 Compartments of the New Carriage at the Railway Carriage Theatre in the district of Rouf in downtown Athens.

The first six of the 12 plays were conceived as short films: “The Armless Statue” by Fotini Tsalikoglou, “Out of Order” by Makis Tsitas “Geniality” by Akis Dimos “The Pleasant Side of Things” by Amanda Michalopoulou, “Don’t Tell Anyone”, by Miranda Vatikioti and “Queen of the Night Trains” by Andreas Staikos.