7 Quests


7 Quests

Municipal Theatre of Piraeus | 2020

The play “7 Quests” is a multifaceted, modular production of either poetic or realistic scripts, which examine the identities of individuals from one end of Greece to the other. Seven striking stories, seven quests. War, migration, disappearance, captivity, isolation, settlement, loneliness. The production finds its common ground in individuals and their quests. Remembrances, searches, questions, testimony.

Seven playwrights of differing styles (Akis Dimou, Roula Georgakopoulou, Stefanos Dandolos, Makis Tsitas, Giannis Tsiros, Thanassis Chimonas, Giorgos Skampardonis) encounter seven directors (Prometheus Aleifer, Thodoris Gkonis, Electra Ellinikioti, Nancy Boukli, Charis Pechlivanidis, Maria Savva, Thanassis Chalkias) and seven actors (Manos Vakousis, Katerina Didaskalou, Leonidas Kakouris, Rinio Kyriazi, Iro Bezou, Alexandros Milonas, Maria Papalambrou).

The Greece of the Middle East, of the Civil War, of the emigration to Germany, of the missing in Cyprus, of the prosperity following the 1990s, of contemporary urban isolation, of migration, are all on stage at the Municipal Theatre of Piraeus with seven distinct texts. Because “Since then, the traces of him have been lost. Whoever knows something is requested to....”