Όσα ξέρουν οι χαμένοι

What the Losers Know

Participations with 2 songs | Diastixo | 2014

We are talking about Theodora Tzita’s first personal album. The six songs on this album are composed by Takis Soukas, while the lyrics were written by Dimitris Lentzos, Kostas Balachoutis, Giorgos Mitsigas, and Makis Tsitas.

There are four new songs on this album, which were composed by Soukas particularly for Tzita’s voice. Their titles are: “What the Lost Know” (lyrics: Dimitris Lentzos), “One Morning, when I’ll Be Gone” (lyrics: Makis Tsitas), “Cheers” (lyrics: Makis Tsitas), “Palaces of the East” (lyrics: Kostas Balachoutis). There is one more instrumental song and Tzita’s a cappella cover of the song “Complaints Falling like Rain” (lyrics: Giorgos Mitsigas), which was performed for the first time by Eleni Vitali.

This album is a collection of contemporary ‘laika’ songs arranged and performed with distinct mastery and care.

Theodora Tzita studied classical music, but she quickly turned towards the genre of ‘laika’ songs. As Nikos Batis writes in his review in ogdoo.gr: “With this album she fully expresses her talents. She possesses an ethereal, fresh, but also nostalgic performance style and a charming voice, two elements that win the listener over.” In her review, amongst other things, Anthoula Daniil writes (in Diastixo.gr): “Tzita contains the charisma and charms that every talented singer would wish to have: a characteristic voice, crystal clear, with both range and depth, an expressive performance style and solid foundations.”

Director of production – orchestration: Manolis Androulidakis
Guitars, mandolin, laouto-bouzouki, electric bass, piano, baglamas and voice: Manolis Androulidakis
Bouzoukia (and baglamas in “What the Lost Know”): Manolis Karantinis
Kanonaki: Panos Dimitrakopoulos
Drums: Grigoris Sintridis
Woodwinds and percussion instruments (and the solo in “Palaces of the East”): Andreas Sikkis
Accordion: Dimos Polymeris
Contrabass: Aris Avgerinos