Why Don’t You Count Some Sheep?

Why don’t you count some sheep?

Psichogios Publications | 2011 | Illustrations: Giorgos Karakasoglou


Maria-Christina does not feel tired. She doesn’t want to sleep. But her mom tells her to close her eyes and start counting sheep! Maria-Christina thinks about the all-white, chubby little sheep and she starts counting them: “One, two, three, four…” But she never sees the fifth one. And she starts again to count and re-count, but something always happens that frustrates her. When will all the little sheep finally come together so that she can at last go quietly to sleep?

This is a sweet story that will help parents put their young children to sleep.

Short-listed for the Children’s Book Award by the magazine Diavazo
Short-listed for the Awards of the Society of Greek Children’s Literature, the Greek division of the International Board on Books for Young People