My Own Daddy

My own daddy

Patakis Publications | 2017 | Illustrations: Lila Kalogeri


“All dads are good. If you ask their children, they will tell you. But my own daddy is the best! And what I’m saying is true, make no mistake about it.”

Thus begins the narration of the little heroine of this tender tale. She talks about her father, who is a simple, ordinary man, yet, to her eyes, seems strong, invincible, accomplished, multitalented, handsome, and intelligent.

This book is distinguished by its originality, while its great sense of humor, which it contains in large amounts, is underscored by contrasts between the text and the illustrations (or from the juxtaposition between the two). Hence, we read one thing and see another. The book My Own Daddy reveals the creative collaboration between the author and the illustrator, as well as the playful mood of both.

It is a book that daughters, sons, and fathers will most definitely love.

Series: Little Crabs (Ages: 5-6)