The General is Causing Trouble in the Square

The General is Causing Trouble in the Square

One Act Plays | Kapa Publications | 2022

Ten one-act plays, ten self-contained stories with a common theme.
The General is Causing Trouble in the Square deals with situations from daily life and delivers scathing commentaries on them through the actions of their heroes and heroines, in a particularly lively, smooth, immediate and accessible language.
People of different backgrounds and ages desperately try to communicate through their personal encounters or daily tasks. Sometimes indoors, sometimes outside, they come together with others from their surroundings or with those who just happen to be passing but most of the time they themselves sabotage their own efforts. The one-act plays in the book take up timely questions, related both to interpersonal relationships as well as bridging the gaps in human contact.
Makis Tsitas has edited this volume of one-act plays. most of which have already been performed on the stage (Municipal Theatre of Piraeus, Theatro ton Kairon), directed by Roula Pateraki, Ersi Vasilikioti and Prometheas Aleiferopoulos.