The Again

The Again

An Illustrated book for adults
Patakis Publications | 2015 | Illustrations: Lila Kalogeri

The Again is an illustrated book for adults who are in love, but not exclusively for them… Through Makis Tsitas’s playful mood and wordplay, the simple phrases and moments shared by couples acquire a meaning and essence that reach the bounds of poetry. A tiny little creature named Again wanders into the world of humans and becomes a part of their lives. The Again is identical to the other half, mine, yours, anyone’s really… The humorous expressions that come directly from daily experiences become the lever through which love and affection between enamored couples is affirmed… The book revolves around instances full of joy and sadness, laughter and agitation, all the elements, in other words, which make the life of two people in love interesting…

You will definitely recognize a part of yourself in this short story as well… Running around all day, anxious and vexed and exhausted; but the moment you see it, the moment you see your Again, you forget about everything else. In this book you will find moments to relive over and over Again… Read about the Agains, who were born from the imaginations of author, Makis Tsitas, and illustrator, Lila Kalogeri. And don’t ever stop searching for your own Again…

Short-listed for the Public Awards